Vintage boats projects/PR18-Northele
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Vintage boats projects/PR18-Northele
Vintage boats projects/PR18-Northele
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Vintage boats projects/PR18-Gift box

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1362012113340734Code PR18 NortheleProject coming from the archives of Uffa Fox, famous English ship designer, and never entered the commercial circuit. It is an original project of the boat Northele, given to the laborers for the construction of the boat in the yard, mounted on a cardboard support to be hung. 1940s. Cm 77.3x0.2x45.4 (h) - inches 30.43x0.078x17.87 (h).

Northele is a sloop, length 14 m, made by Berthon Boats in Lymington Dorset in 1949 on shipyard project.

The Berthon Boat Company in Lymington (UK) operates in an area used as a shipyard since Roman times and has a long tradition of supplying warships, cargo and pleasure boats.

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Vintage boats projects

Code PR18 Northele

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